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Jackson Michael Dagi Dog

Standard Longhaired Dachshund
born: 2012 -06 -05
Junior Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Lithuania
Junior Champion of Lithuanian Club
Junior Winner of Lithuanian Club 2013
Champion of Poland

Owner: Dagmara Oraczewska

Michael like his sister is a result of an american-polish friendship.
There is blood of my favourite dogs in his pedigree.
He’s a grandson of the foundation Dagi Dog's female – Carmen Slodki Urwis
and my home golden boy – Bo of Ivy’s Hill.
Michael’s father is a perfect dog from PRAMADA kennel -
-Insight's Rumorhasit at Pramada.
I hope that this mix of genes will give best results.
Michael is a brave and very curious junior.
He’s full of energy and charm which no one can resist!
He’s a favorite of my daughter Julia.