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About us

    Welcome to my website devoted to long-haired Dachshunds.
    My adventure with dogs goes back to my childhood years when I was a regular visitor to my grandparents countryside house. They kept all sorts of farm and domesticated animals, including dogs. With every visit my attatchment to the animals grew stronger. I was a keen observer of the farm life, watching young offspring being born was my favourite pursuit.
    As much as I loved all the animals, it was the dogs whom I adored the most and spent wast amounts of time with. Soon enough, they had grown quite found of me, even the most aggresive ones, the guard dogs.
         My parents considered my infatuation with dogs a harmless childhood whim, hoping that life would sooner or later put me back on the "right" track. It was not to be. For years I was friends with all sorts of dogs from my neighbourhood. Unfortunately my brother's allergy to dog's fur shattered my dreams of becoming a dog owner myself. For the time being I had to stick to playing with my neighbour's dogs. Unable to have a dog I kept fish and all sorts of rodents. I found watching them breed very exciting. Then the time came to start my own family, and so for a while my hobby had to be abandoned. Yet before I knew it my three children were independent enough for me to start dreaming about owning a dog again.
         From times immemorial I had always been found of and admired Daschhunds for their exceptional beauty, well-balanced temper and yet entertaining and quite independent personality. And so in 2001 I became an owner of my first long-haired Dachshund. The childhood dream had come true. Since then breeding long-haired Dachshunds have became an integral part of my life.
         So far my breeding, officially registered in 2006, consists of three adorable long-haired Dachshund bitches and stud-dogs, which have stolen the hearts of my entire family. From time to time young offspring are born, all of whom are given to carefully selected loving and caring households.
              Please take a look at my bitches and dog's achivements, their photo gallery and the adorable puppies. Enjoy the website!

                                                                              Dagmara Oraczewska