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Bo of Ivy's Hill

Standard Longhaired Dachshaund
born: 2006 -05 - 12
Champion of Poland
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Russia
Poland Club Winner 2012

Imported from Germany

Owner: Dagmara Oraczewska

BO is an extremely friendly dog.
He joined our family as a fully grown up dog.
Yet he was quick to find his place in the pack.
He soon made friends with the bitches, trying how far he can go with them.
He was received well, but they were quick to let him know his place :)
The girls accustomed to holding power did not
let the newcomer to boss them around. Boni, for such a name we gave him,
became a favourite with my husband and the son.
I too was smitten by his charms from the first sight :)