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27th of December 2008

Christmas holiday gave us a good excuse to see how Empatia Dagi Dog is getting on.
Together with her brother Eros they had fooled around
for a few hours before they finally slowed down and let me take a picture of them :)


25th of December 2008

Historia's offspring are 6 weeks old.
They are growing fast and becoming quite independent young darlings.
Please take a look at their photo gallery..

29th of November 2008

Today our breeding welcomed a fresh member-Ornbergets Amaretto,
a 11-weeks-old puppy that had flown to us all the way down from Stockholm.
Amaretto comes from a well-known Swedish breeding with long traditions.
I have dreamed about Amaretto for some time, so it is a dream come true.
I am so very glad to finally have him with me.

fot. Jill Rhodin

Big thanks to Elisabeth for the lovely puppy.
Together with Malgosia we will take care of the puppy as best we can.

13th of November 2008

Today Historia z Końskiego Raju and Edie Babi Dom's
offspring were born.
Two males and one female were born.
Like their parents the puppies are black with redish highlights.


9th of November 2008

At the international dog show in Poznan Bo of Ivy's Hill
performed in the open class and was awarded CWC.

23rd of October 2008

Today Historia z Konskiego Raju's pregnancy was confirmed.

Edi Babi Dom is the father.

The offspring are due around the 15th of November.

12th of October 2008

At the national dog show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki
Bo of Ivy's Hill performed in the open class.
He was awarded CWC and received the Best Adult In The Breed title.
He was also a winner in The Breed,
and latter on won The Best In The Group title.

At the same show, in the Youth Class, performed also Ares Dagi Dog
winning Youth Championship and Best Junior in The Breed title.

10th of October 2008

Bianka's offspring are 4 weeks old.


Please take a look at theirphotos. Enjoy!

28th of September 2008.

The offspring of Carmen and Ulrik are 5 weeks old.
In the new pictures you can see how big they have grown! :)

27th of September 2008.

At the international show in Wroclaw
Bo of Ivy's Hill had his debut performance.
He was awarded an excellent grade, CWC and ResCacib.

12th of September 2008.

At the domestic dog show in Warsaw Ares DAGI DOG
won the title of The Winner of the Youth and The Best Junior in the Breed.
In comparison with the adult dogs he was proclaimed The Winner in the Breed
and later on The Winner of the Group.
In this beautiful style, being only 11 months old,
he finished Polish Championship :)


At the same show Bo of Ivy's Hill had his debut performance.
With an excellent grade he was awarded CWC in the open class
and was given the title of The Best Adult Dog in the Breed.

10th of September 2008

Today Bianka Dagnasta and Extraordinary Man Corigentia's
offspring came to the world.
A boy and a girl were born.


6th of September 2008.

Bond Dagi Dog had his performance at a club show in Olsztyn.
With an excellent grade he won 3rd place in the youth class.

4th of September 2008.

The offspring of Carmen and Ulrik are 2 weeks old.
Please take a look atthe breed's gallery..

30th of August 2008.

At the international dog show in Bialystok,
Ares Dagi Dog performed in the youth class
and won the title of The Winner of the Youth
and The Best Junior in the Breed.
Congratulations to his owner! :)

23th of August 2008.

At the dog show in Vilnus
Aluzja Ani Mru Mru won gold, Lithuenian CAC,
the NSwR title and BOB, finishing Lithuanian Champinship.

22nd of August 2008.

Today morning Carmen Slodki Urwis and Ulrika v.d. Wijsterhoeve's
offspring were born.
3 baby girls and 3 baby boys are feeling well.
All they need now is time to grow

8th of August 2008

Today Bianka Dagnasta's pregnancy has been confirmed.

The offspring, whose father is
Extraordinary Man Corigentia
are due around the 8th of September.

24th of July 2008

Today's ultrasound screening confirmed
Carmen Slodki Urwis's pregnancy.

The father of the offspring is Dutch reproductor
Ulrik v.d.Wijsterhoeve.

The offspring are due around the 23rd of August.

11th of July 2008

Ares Dagi Dog had debiut performance at the youth class
at the international dog show in Warsaw.
He came second receiving an "excellent" mark.

His mother Carmen Slodki Urwis also received an "execellent" mark
and came second in the champion class receiving Res Cacib .

2nd of July 2008

Bianka Dagnasta received "excellent" mark
and came second in the open class receiving Res CAC
at "World Dachshund Special 2008" show in Sweden.
Back home she is getting ready for giving birth.

1st of July 2008

Yet another member entered our family.
I am happy to introduce Bo of Ivy's Hill, from Germany.
I hope he will be enjoy living with us.
So far the female pack has received him very well :)

8th of June

Bella Dagi Dog.had her debut at the national dog show in Lublin,
from where she come back with excellent grade and title Junior Winner.
I would like to congrarulate Bella's owner and wish her good luck with future shows.

25th of May

Ares Dagi Dogcome back from national dog show in Radom
with Very Promising grade and title Best Puppy in Breed.

3th of May

Ta the international dof show in Lodz
Ares Dagi Dog received Very Promising grade.
He was announced Best Puppy in Breed.

6th of April 2008.

At his next dog show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki,
Ares Dagi Dog repeated his success from Katowice receiving "extremely promising" grade
and the "Best Baby in the Breed" title.
Congratulations to his owner!

29th of March 2008.

Ares Dagi Dog has began his professional career.
He made his first appearance at the international dog show in Katowice, in baby class
His debut was a success. He received " extremely promising" grade and the title of the Best Baby in the Breed.

15-16 of March 2008.Vilnus

Bianka Dagnastatook her first steps at the international dog show in Vilnus.
She came back with a first nomination for Lithuania Championship.
She also received the title of The Best Bitch in the Breed and a CACIB.
She was accompanied by her friend Aluzja Mru Mru which received her next CAC,
which put her one step closer to finishing Lithuania Championship.


6th of March 2008

Time is running fast. Carmen's offspring are already 6 months old
Ares is getting better at races. Sometimes he allows me to take a
photo of him, striking a dignified pose.



21th of February 2008

Historia, Bianka and Aluzja are really good friends.
They enjoy fooling around, that's why when it comes to posing for a photo,
they do not compete for which one of them strikes a better pose. :)


9th of February 2008

In today's international dog show in Rzeszów Bianka Dagnasta
won Polish Championship
and gained the title of the Best Adult Bitch in her breed.
She also won another CACIB title.

15th of January 2008

The son of Carmen Slodki Urwis
Ares Dagi Dog has too started to getready for the upcoming season.
Though he spends most of his puppymonths fooling around,
which his owners find rather amusing.


10th of January 2008

Family life is important to us.
That is why we visited young AfordytaDagi Dog.
To remind ourselves of the way puppies smell.
Afra is training assidously for the next dog shows in which we hope totake part.


1st of January 2008

The owners of Bella Dagi Dog together with their bitch visited us onthe New Year's Day.
It was a pleasurable meeting for us all.
Themother Historia z Konskiego Raju as always, greeted her offspringwarmly.