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17th of November 2007 r.

Aluzja Ani Mru Mru finished Championat of Poland
at the International Dog Show in Kielce
On top of her CWC, she also received CACIB, the title of The Best,
Adult Bitch in the Breed and the Winner of The Breed (BOB).

10th of Novemnber 2007

All our puppies left their nest and found new homes.
I wish their new owners to enjoy the company of their four-leged friends.

25th of October 2007

Our bitches are spending warm autumn days on walks.
relaxing after the exhausting season and getting fit for a long winter.

17th of September 2007

I am happy to announce that Carmen Slodki Urwis has just become a mum.
She gave birth to 2 bitches and 2 dogs.<


26th of August 2007.

Bianka Dagnasta comes back from the International Dog Show in Bialystok
with„Best-in-Her-Breed Bitch” title. Also wins her next CWC and CACIB.

17th of August 2007.

Carmen Slodki Urwis is expecting her offspring
which are the fruit of her relationship with Danish Kriktor Ornbergets,
the Interchampion and Championof Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Poland.
Puppies are expected to bedelivered around the 20th of September.

Kriktor Ornbergets

11th of August 2007.

During the International Dog Show in Sopot, Poland, Carmen wins her next CWC.
Also Bianka wins CWC, CACIB and the NDSwR title.

27th of June 2007.

Historia's puppies are 5 weeks old.

24th of may 2007.

Historia delivers her offspring. They are the first litter of Dagi Dogbreeding.